A 1990s fashion reboot

Emerging and established Queensland fashion designers chose to open salons in Brisbane Arcade during the 1990s, a continuation of a 70-odd year Brisbane fashion tradition. Many of these designers were active entrants in the annual Retailers Association of Queensland (RAQ) fashion awards, and the arcade was home to a generous serve of RAQ award winners, including supreme award winners Keri Craig, Anthony Leigh Dower, and Kristin Kavanagh.

The gallery level of Brisbane Arcade was the BEST place to be the day after the RAQ fashion awards during the 1990s. You could lean against the first floor railing alongside designers like Adam Dixon, Michael Klease, and Deb Kolkka, and hear ALL the stories not fit to print – as well as a stitch-by-stitch analysis of the fashion – from the previous evening.

Caroline Gardam