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Chocolate Moments is a chocolate boutique like no other. From Tanzania to Belgium, chocolatier and owner Gerrard Gosens works with the finest chocolate from all parts of the globe and then tempers, experiments with flavours and hand-makes each chocolate in house. Gerrard, who is congenitally blind, is not just known for his chocolate talents. His incredible life triumphs include being a champion paralympian marathon runner, former Dancing with the Stars contestant and Mt Everest conqueror, to name a few. With chocolate and confectionery brands from around the world lining the walls, and the store’s own chocolate creations, handmade from the freshest and best ingredients packed into cabinets, Willy Wonka’s chocolate shop will spring to mind as you enter this haven of everything delicious.

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Monday:9:00am - 5:30pm
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Street Level, Shop 26