Memories, stories and tales

Brisbane Arcade holds a special place in so many people’s hearts and minds as well as Brisbane’s history. There are 95 years of memories, stories and tales that make up Brisbane Arcade’s rich tapestry of history. Whether it was where your engagement ring or wedding gown was purchased, or you worked in the many shops that have made up Brisbane Arcade’s past and present, or you enjoyed high tea with loved ones, or memories of special gifts or treats, there are countless stories to be told and cherished.

We invite everyone who has visited Brisbane Arcade throughout the years to share their memory, story or tale.

Simply upload your image and story below and be a part of Brisbane Arcade’s history forever AND, go in the draw to win a bespoke aquamarine and diamond pendant designed by Hannah and James White of Brisbane Arcade’s oldest shop, Robert White Jewellers valued at $1950.

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Memories, stories and tales are to be uploaded before 30 September. Winner announced October 2019.

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Submitted memories, stories and tales

The greatest (sandwich) love of all

My favourite Brisbane Arcade memory? Can I say the sandwich bar in the middle of the arcade? It must have been about 30 or even 40 years ago. Seriously. Those sandwiches were the best I’ve ever had. I miss them. David, 68Read More

A date with Darrell Lea

A trip in to the city was never complete without mum taking us to Darrell Lea for a treat at the end of the day’s shopping. We were allowed to choose one thing. My brother ALWAYS chose Rocklea Road. (I tried to discover something different every time.) Now that I have my own family, I […]Read More

Umbrellas that lasted

I’ve never seen a store with a wider variety of quality umbrellas than Lind Umbrellas. My mother bought me an umbrella when I left high school, and it remained useful for a decade! In fact, Id’ still be using it, but for the fact that I left it in the public bar of the Regatta […]Read More